Giddy about the garden

Right now there is a strange February thaw going on and the clash of temperatures are making the winds rather wicked. It makes me long to start my garden early, but I know better than that. I have had a garden for 5 years now and I am finally really starting to plan things out a bit more. In the past year I have really become quite fascinated with the practice of Urban Homesteading. It’s based partly on trying to live more sustainably but truthfully, it’s also just a bit of doomsday-er thought and trying to have a set up that would allow us to live well in the face of anything terrible happening. I’m not really thinking that an apocalypse is coming or anything but things can happen without any warning and it’s good to have a little support structure in place so you can be more self reliant.

I decided to start writing a blog about my process converting my home in downtown Carlisle into a homestead.  I read many blogs from other people who have done the same but I also have another passion; being frugal. Often, I read these blogs and although I agree with the whole organic culture, I do think that it makes people feel like they can’t afford to make some changes because of the cost it would incur. I understand people’s concerns with buying quality seeds but if I can get my entire pile of seeds for my garden for $30 instead of $100 or more by buying them at Dollar General then I certainly will. I’m hoping my little blog could be an inspiration for people who want to try some of these things but didn’t want to invest a fortune to accomplish it. I’m planning on saving seeds this season so I will have something to start from next year but I know I will still be supplementing with store bought packets for awhile until I fully understand how to harvest some types of seeds.

This year I am planning on investing in a few more expensive items, the biggest of which will be a wood stove for the house. This will simply be supplemental to our gas furnace but once again, if something happens to the furnace mid-winter, we could still stay warm and have a family camping adventure in the living room in a pinch.


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