Outsourcing your homestead

I mentioned in my first post that part of my interest in urban farming stems from being prepared for a worst case scenario situation.  I don’t dwell on this too much but basically, we rely so heavily on electricity & store bought food, if we are without it for very long, we would be in a sticky situation to say the least. Of course, I don’t want people to really think I’m some sort of loon because of this, just trying to live a simpler life really.  (This of course is ironic since my job requires me to be on the cutting edge of technology.)

I did read an absurd story from the Patriot news recently that highlights the obsessive, crazy mentality of some people.  My view of homesteading is basically reconnecting with the land and the way that our grandparents lived.  I’m not writing off all modern conveniences but I don’t need everything that I eat to be prepackaged into individual portions from the grocery store.  This has made our garbage cans overflow and even with recycling, we (as Americans) live a rather wasteful lifestyle.  I grow a lot of the food we eat and have been trying to can, freeze and dry more of it each season so I have more organic food that I have grown available year round.

The people in the story focus on stockpiling food for the apocalypse…or something like that…but they basically are trying to mimic the military’s method.  They purchase large quantities of freeze dried foods and other random supplies but have no real connection with their food or making their lives simpler.  I’m pretty sure these are the type of people who would build an underground bunker filled with an arsenal of weapons.

What is also interesting is the discussion thread that followed.  Just like in politics, it seemed like people were on 2 ends of the spectrum with no space in between for compromise.  One side was the Glenn Beck loving, right wing, end of days, gun toting, town criers and the other side was the ‘you’re are so stupid’, everything will work out just fine, lets not think about tomorrow kind of people.  Very few gave any sort of feedback that the general idea of having a nest egg at your home was a good idea (although having tupperware-esque parties at you house to achieve this is lame squared) or gave any sort of thoughtful commentary to the discussion of living a simpler life.

It’s also funny because one couple in the story didn’t want to be named because then people would come to their house when the shit hits the fan because everyone would know that they store food.  So basically, just by writing this blog, they think I am opening myself up to have my pantry burglarized.  Ha!  Maybe this is why they don’t actually have a garden.  That would obviously ‘out’ them so people would know they had food to spare.  Crazy.  I wish the Patriot would have done a story, not about stockpiling guns & food, but about the homesteading movement & making things you use instead of buying everything.

For the past 5 years or so, I have made all christmas presents that go to adults.  Sure, I can’t expect Isaac to really get excited about a puppet when he could have a Wii so kids get presents from the store for the most part.  Each year we are obligated to get something for a long list of people and half the time (or possibly more than half) people hate the stuff.  So, it’s a waste of money and adds to our throw away culture.  I make things that people can use like quilts, candles, soap, jewelry etc.  I love doing it and people seem to appreciate it much more.  I wish people would look at the big picture and see how they could change different aspects of their life instead of focusing so much on doom & gloom as the basis for change.

On a happier note, I’m going to start my pepper & tomato seeds indoors this weekend.  I can’t wait to see the little guys grow:)

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