Better late than never

I got totally side tracked and failed to start my seeds in flats when I was planning on it about 2 weeks ago.  I finally decided tonight was the night and after I swept & steamed my floor I made a nice happy mess planting.  You may wonder why I would even care to clean up beforehand and the answer is simple really.  I have 2 small children and I really don’t enjoy getting up off of the floor only to find cheerios stuck to my knees.

I got 3 flats started and I will use Rosie’s room as my green house because it’s on the second floor in the middle of the house and gets the best light.  I usually rotate them every day once they sprout because they stretch towards the windows because just like us, they want to get outside again too.  It was delightful getting my hands dirty and anticipating what the season will bring.  I also started to watch the Botany of Desire on Netflix streaming while I worked which is essentially porn for gardeners.  An apple has never looked so sexy.  They also focus on potatoes, tulips, & marijuana.

I only started about 30% of what I am going to plant this year but that’s just because many seeds are better if sown directly in the soil outside.  I love having a wide variety of fruits & veggies but I am also aware of the fact that when I cook outside of the growing season, I rely on a short list of veggies.  Because of this, I start lots of peppers & tomatoes and I will also grow tons of potatoes, onions & green beans later.  What did I plant tonight?  Here ya go.

Hungarian Yellow Wax

Beef Steak



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