Commence Growing

So far, I have quite a few sprouts in my seed flats and more are emerging everyday.  Collards & Thyme took the lead at first but my army of tomatoes are multiplying like wet Gremlins.  I know everyone feels better when spring is here and the weather is no longer registering on the miserable scale but for me, this is when I am positively giddy.  I can’t wait to inspect my flats each day to monitor the little guys growth. 

Another fun thing is having a little scavenger hunt in the backyard looking for things that are already emerging naturally.  Yesterday it was was positively gorgeous outside and I took advantage of it by clearing away a lot of dead overgrowth on my herb & main garden areas.  I was delighted to see that I have a rather impressive patch of chives already growing.  Sour cream & chives mashed potatoes will most definitely be on the menu this weekend.    I was a little perplexed but excited all the same to find a little sprout of rainbow Swiss Chard.  I didn’t think this was something that came back and I certainly didn’t think it could have survived under all of the snow but stranger things have happened I suppose.

Yesterday, I got into my email and found a UPS shipped notice which was a bit confusing because I hadn’t bought anything recently.  After looking at the email though I found that it is for my orchard that I ordered in January.  They were smart enough to wait until the ground was ready for planting.  My trees & vines should be here in 3 days so I’m trying to map out my plan.  I still need to put more thought into it so that will be another post most likely.

This morning I put in my final order for seeds and plants for the growing season.  I purchased them through because they had a nice $25 off of a $50 online coupon (code 0514702) and this allowed me to get a few items I usually wouldn’t find in the standard places I pick up my seeds.

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