Family bonding through seed bombing

Last weekend, Isaac (my 5 year old) and I were extras in a student created zombie film.  It was a blast and Isaac and I had quality family time together.  Sure, some people think of quality family time as something completely different but that’s ok, we are just a different breed I guess.

Today, we were supposed to go out to the Carlisle Spring Clean up and pick up trash in the neighborhood.  Isaac has done this 2 previous times with me and he gets really into it.  He absolutely loves it and asks about it multiple days prior to the event.  Due to a bad weather blitz, it was postponed today but that gave Isaac & I time to make seed bombs, another non-traditional family bonding event.  I’m guessing some people don’t know what a seed bomb is so let me try to explain.  It’s basically a nice little ball of clay, compost and seeds that is easily launched into areas where it isn’t easy to plant seeds, like vacant lots and areas with fencing.  Truthfully, I don’t have too many of those around my area, but I figured that making a bunch of seed bombs would allow me to simply mash them into tree lawns and other sad spots I come across in my travels.

I originally heard about seed bombing a few years ago while driving to work listening to NPR.

Listen Here

It was a piece all about guerrilla gardening which is essentially gardening where you aren’t allowed to (or at least didn’t get permission).  More importantly though, it’s making a place green and growing again where often the space was neglected and overgrown with weeds.  I would never touch any space that actually looks like someone might be taking care of it but there are an abundance of neglected spaces right around the corner from where I live.  I have also been eyeing up an empty tree lawn right in front of the post office where  a tree was cut down for some reason.  It just looks so sad to me.

So, back to the seed bomb building.  I had to inform Isaac what a seed bomb was and of course he asked if they explode.  I told him they kind of do but not the way he was thinking.  I went out to the yard and dug up some red clay and got some compost to bring inside.  I have a bin of seeds and some of them have been given to me in envelopes and others just weren’t well secured when I first planted some.  This has made a nice mess of seeds in the bottom of the bin.  I took everything out of the bin and pooled the extra seeds and got started.  I have no idea what half of the seeds are but I guess that will be part of the fun.  None of them are harmful and they are either vegetable or flower seeds.  I definitely saw some peas, beans & sunflower seeds as well as a smattering of other unrecognizable seeds.  We used the method laid out by Instructables but there are a wide variety of options if you wanted to create them in a different style.  I’m not sure when exactly I will have the time to get these out but I am off a few days next week so guerrilla gardening I may go!

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