What I’m Reading

My life is so busy, I never seem to find the time to read full novels.  I have found that books that are either a) reference or b) short stories are my kind of read at this point.  I often go to the library to get out books on homesteading, gardening, and general ‘green’ books.  This is extremely helpful in finding books that I would actually want to read and also weeding out ones that aren’t what I am looking for.  My problem is that since I have limited time to read them, I often don’t get through them in the 2 week period I’m allowed to have them out.  Also, many of these reference style books are much more helpful to just have around the house so I can refer to them as I need some guidance.

I took a picture of some books I have out from the library and some that I have actually purchased.  The top ones are ones I have from the library.  Some are better than others.  I am definitely going to buy ‘Homesteading’, ‘The Urban Homestead’ and “Your Farm in the City’.  In many way, these overlap in content but each one is helpful so I’m ok with a little duplication.  Mike got me the ones below and ‘Self Sufficiency in the 21st Century’ is excellent.  I would highly recommend it for anyone trying to completely transform their home into a homestead.

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