Adventures in Foraging

Today was my first attempt at foraging.  It wasn’t anything crazy but there are 2 big mulberry trees in the alley behind the garage and they are just loaded with berries right now.  I only took what I could get from the ground but may try again with ladder later.  I didn’t get a large amount but might make some muffins with them later.

2 thoughts on “Adventures in Foraging

  1. We have a bunch of mulberry trees behind our house. Sophia and Ramona were eating them straight off the tree last weekend. Have you made anything with yours yet? suggestions? I was thinking mulberry and some other berry jam?

    • I made some muffins but they weren’t really as good as I had hoped ( I think it was a ho-hum kind of recipe to begin with). I think it would have been nice to make some crepes & just dish a bunch on with some whipped cream. I have been enjoying doing that with blueberries & strawberries recently & I like to eat them fresh if possible. I’m not big on jams because i just don’t usually use them but you could always freeze them and use them in smoothies or mixed with yogurt. I need to find some more places to forage around the hood here. I’m sure there is plenty of fresh food going to waste. I’m sure the birds will share with me:)

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