The Hurried Gardener

I guess that title would be a good one to describe myself.  Sure, you would think that I have my shit together because I write this blog and I’m all into growing as much stuff in my yard as possible.  Well, you are wrong.  I have overextended my time commitments and rush through planting like a flash of lightning.  Why?  Because I have two young children who give me few spare minutes to get things done.  I find that if I have an extra hour to spend in the garden in early spring, I rush to get as many things planted as possible. The success of this shines in the pictures I post of all of the yummy stuff I pick, the failure is that I don’t always know what the hell I planted in any given spot.  Sometimes things become apparent quickly.  Other times though, I really have no clue.

Case in point 1: I decided to plant lots of beans this year.  All sort of kinds like the standard green beans and peas but also black beans, pinto beans and cow peas.  The issue?  I planted one right next to the other and didn’t label any of them.  I would like to mention that all beans look pretty much the same and you might just end up picking some before they are ready if you expect them to all be the size & shape of regular green beans.  At least that is what I did.  You can look at the gallery below to see the array of colors in my bowl of BLACK beans.  I’m happy to report that I didn’t pick everything though so I will get some beans that are their proper color but some are a little ‘different’.

Case in point 2: After the super wet spring some of my early plantings died which left a swatch of garden bare.  I couldn’t handle the idea of wasting precious garden space so I just kept throwing seeds at the dirt.  Still there is a little dead looking patch that I kind of gave up on.  There are some peppers, cabbage, & onion….in a sea of weeds. As I was walking through today I saw something poking out of the underbrush.  Teeny, tiny little carrots.  Carrots!  Who knew those little guys were growing down there?  I certainly didn’t.

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