Seed Bombs

I’m planning on working out in the garden later but this morning I decided to take inventory of my seed collection.  Over the seasons I have amassed an chaotic pile of seeds.  Some are still in unopened packages and some are are open ones, with many of the seeds scattered at the bottom of the bins.  Some packs were left out in the garden for more than a day so they may not grow anything.  I also have a collection of flower seeds, which I no longer plant, so those can be used better in some space other than my lawn.  These are not really seeds I would use in my garden but they are perfect for some seed bombs.

Isaac and I made some seed bombs last year but  I never got to plant them so we still have those too.  Again, they might not do much but that is ok.  There is no use throwing them in the trash at this point.  I opened the packages and transferred them into bowls separated by herbs, veggies, flowers and gourd plants (cucumber, watermelon…).  This way I can decide where they should be placed with regard to the amount of space available.  I’m hoping to see something wonderful in a few weeks.  Fingers crossed.

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