Successful Guerrilla Gardening

Yup, I finally took the plunge.  I have threatened to start planting vegetables in places other than my own backyard but yesterday I made good on that promise.  Our neighborhood has a clean up twice a year (actually, can you really call it a neighborhood cleanup when only yourself and 3 other people show up?…well, that’s another story).  I get tired of just walking around cleaning up litter because within a few days you see more anyway.  I liked the idea of finding overgrown & neglected tree wells and weed them, mulch them and seed them with an assortment of different vegetable and flower seeds.  There were 3 wells in particular that I have been eyeing up because they are in areas of heavy foot traffic and they no longer have a tree or anything else in them except for weeds.  I figured this would be the perfect spot for a little mini farm.  they are also in line of sight of each other so people will probably be able to tell that this was completely intentional.  I also dropped some other seeds in some of the wells that have trees in them but I chose different seeds for those.  For the empty tree wells I plants the 3 sisters:beans, corn and squash.  If you have never heard of it, the corn gives a pole for the beans to climb up and the squash creates ground cover to keep the weeds out.  I actually went with cantaloupe and watermelon instead of squash.  In the smaller wells I have a baggie of random seeds so truthfully, I’m not really sure what will come up.  Some tomatoes or peppers or lettuce….or something else entirely.

I started by weeding and then using a fork to scratch the dirt up a little.  It was before the heavy rain so it was super dry and not really workable so I made due with the little dirt I could move.  Then I threw the seeds in and put a layer of mulch on top.  I’m not going to water these because I just can’t support more farms than my own but I hope that the mulch will keep them a little hydrated and that they will become strong little plants and be able to adapt to the different types of weather that Carlisle gives them in the summer.

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