Garden Successes…and a few failures (but there is still time to redeem myself)

The garden is growing well despite a few dead patches here and there. Those are the areas that I will continue to throw seeds in the ground until something…anything grows. I tried a bunch of herbs again yesterday that had pretty much failed like basil, oregano & lavender. I also again tried spinach, watermelon, cantaloupe and zucchini. I have usually had good luck with zucchini and spinach but the last two years have been a bummer with those crops. Basil was ok last year but is kinda sad this year so far. I pretty much fail every year at watermelon, cantaloupe and oregano though. I keep trying, so who knows. The only plant that I have truly given up on is eggplant. I don’t know what beef it has with me but I have decided that it is fate that I am not supposed to grow it. That is what farmer’s markets are for anyway.

Now on to my successes. You can see my happy gallery of healthy, thriving plants. I forgot to show my mulberry harvest but that trees is still ripe with fruit so it can wait until my next post. Enjoy!

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