An explosion of gardening goodness

July-Cabbage ready for harvest & soon to be sauerkraut

It’s July.  That means that it is time to realize that I over planted and over crowded the garden.  I do this every year but on the other hand, I like it that way.  In the spring, I plant many things from flats so they have a head start.  Others I seed directly.  When some of these seeds don’t do anything, I get a little panicky, thinking I am going to have wasted space in my garden.  This absolutely can’t happen so I will just continually throw seeds in the ground until something takes.  One good example are my melon plants.  I think I planted those pain in the ass seeds 3 times before they took.  They are still kinda small compared to my squash plants but at least they are going somewhere.

I designed the garden with an inner and outer area so I could plant the ones that will stretch out on the outside in the hopes that I can tame them a bit.  It *kinda* is working.  When I needed some other plants to grow, I some how planted a bunch of gourd plants and those have been the most prolific ones so far.  It looks like I have least 10 gourds fruits in that small space.  I also made a realization recently.  It’s not that I can’t grow eggplant as I have said before, it’s that I didn’t know what the leaves looked like and I think I kept pulling them because they looked like weeds.  The college where I work has edible landscaping all around campus during the summer and I just noticed some eggplant.  The leaves look a little ashy and I’m sure I would have pulled something like that if I had seen it.  Oh well, I’ll try again next year.

I had a bunch of time off in mid June so I took a day (one of the hottest I might add) to weed the whole garden and mulch the shit out it.  I took some pictures, thinking  I would then find the time to post them.  Alas, I didn’t so I am going to post those pictures first in the gallery to show just how much growth has happened in just 3 weeks.  I also spent time tying up the tomato plants but there were still a few small guys that I waited on.  Today I finished that job and tied up the new growth as well so they aren’t flopping all over the pepper plants.  I’m guessing my next post will involve pictures of me sweating away in a hot kitchen canning tomatoes. Also, sauerkraut soon. I can’t wait!

My only real complaint about the garden are the mosquitos.  I have 2 rain barrels but they are covered but they garden seems to be a mosquito factory.  Our yards is bordered by 5 other yards so I’m guessing there must be some sort of standing water around somewhere.  I’m on a mission to find it or else I’m going to have to start wearing a beekeeper outfit to water the plants.

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