Volunteering at Farm Aid

I volunteered at Farm Aid yesterday and it was great.  I got to see all of the artists, check out the homegrown village, visit with some of my favorite people and donate my time to a great cause.  Also, volunteering means I got to eat at the catering tent made from all locally sourced food.  It was ah-maz-ing.  I was fluttering around after my shift but somehow made it up front for Willie Nelson’s set so those are the only pix I took of any of the performers.

Farm Aid Finale

Didn’t have a good view until I was able to make my way up front for Willie’s set.

Willie & Company

Sun setting over the stadium

My camp for 4 hours while volunteering a the donation booth.

Homegrown passport. I didn’t have time to actually visit all of the places but had a lovely time meandering about.

Homegrown village

Welcome to Farm Aid

Homegrown Village

This was delicious.

In the catering tent.

This ice cream was fantastic.

Dickinson College Farm Table



What’s for lunch?

Me and my girl Dorri before the show.

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