Pear Factory

I some how made it through the 18 gallons of pears I got a few weeks back.  I processed some into pear butter and pear chutney, I pawned some off on other people.  The rest was too much for me to take care of in a timely fashion so I quartered them and froze them so they would be easier to juice into cider.  That of course won’t happen until I build that cider press on my list of things to make.  I’m handy though. I’m sure I create some ramshackle version of a proper press for my own purposes.

My neighbor with the pear tree stopped by yesterday so I gave him some canned preserves from the pears.  He showed up this morning with another bucket of pears for me.  This is much more manageable for me as it is only 9 pounds vs 18 gallons at one time.  I think I might try making pear chips with this batch.

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