Pears-Part 3

Another day=another day filled with pears. I am of course bringing this upon myself but there is an endless supply of them next door so how can I say no? Also, I have never had this much of one kind of fruit/vegetable before so it is an exercise in creatively processing in a short amount of time. I can’t make only sweet things with this or else I will get bored so I am working to find both savory and sweet options. We have plowed through the chutney from eating it at the house and giving it away to people so the majority of this next haul will be more of that. The dried cinnamon pears came from the small 9 pound bucket Donnie brought by last week. The wagon is sitting outside my back porch taunting me to get to work.


4 thoughts on “Pears-Part 3

    • It’s has a different texture than apples because of the grainy feel of pears. It’s good though. I just added a little cinnamon and dried them. My favorite place for preservation recipes is punk domestics. They show ways to preserve things I never would have thought of and in very creative and tasty ways. I used their ginger pear chutney and salted caramel pear butter recipes as well and they were all scrumptious.

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