Building Hot Houses

IMG_0486Mike will often make note of the fact that I like to pick up free items from freecycle, craigslist or simply from someone’s trash heap but my track record for successfully using them is not perfect.  I generally have about a hundred projects in my head that I want to make so when materials become available that are free, I jump at the chance to have them on hand for that moment when I actually might find the time to use them. (my pinterest boards are full of ideas I never have the time for.)

IMG_0491Recently, I found a listing on craigslist for a whole pile of windows.  I responded immediately and ventured out in my gigantic station wagon and worked on picking them all up.  It was tight, but I made sure they all fit.  I knew that the amount of space this was going to take up in the garage meant I really did need to use them this season and not let them languish in the garage (as they were currently sitting next to the doors that I picked up a few years ago and still aren’t being used).  So, check out my productivity for the day.  2 hot houses created and one more to go.  Isaac and Mike both helped a bit as well.  My flats should be thanking me for the sweet new homes they get to move into tomorrow.

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