Incredible Organic Egg Workshop for Kids

IMG_0436Today Isaac and I had great fun at the Incredible Organic Egg workshop at the Dickinson College farm.  It’s part of a series of kid friendly workshops presented there by students from the college.  The program is called SEED: Sustainable Earth Education and I’m kicking myself that today was the first one we were finally able to attend.  I had been reminding him all week about it to try to get him excited.  His answer to most things that I know he will enjoy is pretty much always, “do I have to?”.  This workshop was no different, as he was less than excited about going.  But, as always, I was right and he had a blast and can’t wait for the next one celebrating May Day.

IMG_0443The day started with some get to know you type of fun, drawing your favorite type of egg and getting creative with your explanation.  He picked a dragon egg since he likes watching the dragon eggs hatch on an ipad game called Dragonvale.  From there we went outside and played some games and then moved on to the real fun of visiting the chicken coop and collecting our own eggs.  Since I am only mildly obsessed with getting chickens in for our little urban homestead, this was just as much fun for me as it was for Isaac.  Also, since Isaac has heard me talk endlessly about getting chickens he really is quite excited about the idea.  He kept asking before we went if we were going to be able to bring a chicken home with us.  I regretfully had to crush both of our dreams by telling him no.

Today he made a bunch of new friends, sprinted through a few games of farmer/chicken tag, ate an egg crepe (didn’t even complain about it) and fell in love with farm’s dog.  All in all, a fantastic day on the farm with my favorite little man.

Picture 23The adventure even fulfilled a ‘challenge’ on his boy scouts-esque site  They have a ‘backyard farmer badge and “harvest an animal product” is one of the challenges.  Not bad!

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