A little guerrilla gardening…

20130420_105848Each fall and spring our little town has a neighborhood clean up day.  We pick up trash but that only lasts so long until new trash replaces the old.  That doesn’t mean there isn’t merit in cleaning up the trash, it just made me think that I should focus some of my efforts on things that might have a more lasting effect.  One of the other things in town that make our space look run down are neglected tree wells.  They don’t look too bad mid winter but by summer time they are over run with gigantic weeds.  There were a few tree wells all within the same block that were completely neglected.

20130508_124855-1I have worked on them for 3 clean ups (spring ’12, fall ’12, spring ’13).  I mulched them so it would suppress the weeds and so the mulch would provide more organic material into the soil as it broke down.  Did I mention I enlist the help of the children too?  Oh yes! This year when we mulched, we added a little something extra.  Just a few seeds…. or possibly a bunch.  Sure, I could have added some nice flower seeds but I like food so I took that route.  Yes, yes, I know all about dirty water run off and contaminates and all, but it might be a bit more of bringing food production into the public eye as much as providing the food itself.  I took a little walk yesterday to check out progress and what do I find?  Little tiny friends growing in all of the plots.  What is growing exactly? I don’t know…..beans, sunflowers, melons…..um….corn.  Who the f*&@ would plant corn by the minute stop & post office? Heh!

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