Guerrilla Gardening Update

I have been rollin’ by the Minute Stop from time to time to take a look at how the gardens are growing.  I got home from a 5 day vacation and saw what my corn looked like in our yard and realized the tree wells must be just as impressive.  I wasn’t let down.  The plot on the corner of N. Pitt by the intersection of Louther Street is the best out of the bunch.  It gets almost full sun and has shown the most growth with the sunflowers, corn and beans.  The one right in front of the store is still good but gets shaded by parked cars and most likely gets stepped on some.  The ones by the post office are the worst off because they are on the shady side of the street.  Next year I will plant shade tolerant seeds there.

I’m guessing the Sunflowers will be blooming within the next 2 weeks so keep your eyes peeled if you are driving by.

Here is a little overview of the last 2 weeks for growth from newest to oldest. 5/23-6/10


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