Friendly foraging

My 2nd foraging adventure took me a block from my house to a nearby church.  The tree is in the backyard of the church although many branches hang over the alleyway.  The alley is so narrow and the tree is so close to the entrance that I couldn’t possibly harvest from the street.  I emailed the pastor and he happily allowed me to visit the tree and pick.  He even noted that they didn’t realize there was a cherry tree back there.  He has only been pastor for a few years but it just amazed me that something this impressive could be missed.  It was one of the biggest cherry trees I had ever seen.  Once I got back there I realized why.  It’s not one tree, it’s 3 trees planted so closely that it looks like 3 giant trunks from the same tree.

When I stopped by I was surprised to find another woman back there picking.  She said she was the church secretary and after the pastor had mentioned it, she thought she would come back and pick some for the church. I brought along my ladder and fruit picker as well as some big bins to catch the harvest.  We had the best time cherry picking as a team.  She would hold the branch down while I climbed the ladder and grabbed what I could reach.  I got to spend an hour with someone I had never met and during that time I learned so much about her, her family and some local neighborhood history.  None of this would have happened if I had just stayed home on my day off.  I hope that my future foraging adventures allows me to cross paths with more neighbors.

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