Garden Redesign & stunted growth

The garden was making me unhappy last year as I started to realize that the design was not well thought out.  There were many areas where I couldn’t reach so I haphazardly added stepping stones throughout so I could literally jump from one area to the other.  I lifted up the previous path and tilled the garden and started thinking about design options.  I love the idea of raised beds but I don’t have enough stones and truthfully I don’t want to give up any more real estate to paths.  At first I had a bad idea that was scrapped that would have essentially been creating the British flag in walking paths.  After that, I realized that an angled spiral would give the feel of raised beds with the ease of walking to all corners and a zen-like design.

I took that awful, neglected, winter garden and started the transformation.  I started seeds back in February and had mostly good luck with transplants but this year there are pockets of the garden that just aren’t sprouting properly.  I can’t get lettuce to grow and I have tried multiple seeds, times and spaces.  I’m at a loss.  Potatoes, tomatoes and herbs are doing great though and many other things are coming along slowly.  I think part of the problem is the amount of shade the west side strip of the garden gets. I planted only shade tolerant seeds there but I think it may be having a problem germinate.

For now I will follow my of normal routine of throwing more seeds in the soil until the whole place is overtaken with green and then I realize that I have gone too far but at least I’m not wasting any space.


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