Feelin’ lucky

I have been know to win the occasional prize in a raffle or drawing but it’s best when you get home from work to a big box and you didn’t remember you entered anything.
I thought this gift from the UPS guy was an early birthday present (9/15 if you want to send me anything) but low and behold I won this fancy basket of garden wonders from Urban Farm Magazine and Bonnie Plants. I decided it was only fitting to unwrap it all with the raspberry bushes looking on with glee and anticipation. Also notice the tiny toes in the picture and the happy beast near by.


The basket was filled with tiny, individually wrapped packages and the whole box smelled wonderful.


Rosie helped me rip them all open and we discovered a t-shirt, flower digger, rain gauge, hose sprayer, garden gloves and homemade soap!


Pearl and Rosie were stoked for the package as well.


Within hours of delivery it was already put to use when I went out to my favorite urban apple tree at my friend Linda’s house. Free, organic, foraged, Carlisle-grown apples!


I left plenty for others.


I didn’t realize this was a club but I am definitely a part of it…

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